Minnesota Vikings' Josh Freeman Makes Monday's Game More Compelling

By Chris Schaeder
Freeman makes Monday's game more compelling
Bruce Kluckhohn- USA Today Sports

The excitement for this week’s edition of Monday Night Football has decreased significantly with the game featuring two teams with a combined record of 1-10 (Minnesota Vikings at 1-4 and the New York Giants at 0-6). One aspect of Monday’s game that makes for a compelling story is the debut of Josh Freeman as the Vikings’ starting quarterback.

If the Vikings had opted to start Matt Cassel or Christian Ponder at quarterback, the excitement for this game would decrease even more. You can understand why ESPN and the NFL decided to make this a nationally televised game; it was a matchup of a playoff team from last season, Minnesota, and a team from the biggest market in the NFL, New York. It may be hard for fans that don’t cheer for the Vikings or the Giants to watch this game unless they have fantasy football implications, but this game could be the beginning of the Freeman era in Minnesota.

I understand that a casual NFL fan might not care about Freeman getting his first start for the Vikings, but it’s still interesting to watch someone who was discarded by his old team and looking for redemption with a new one. You may not like or care about Freeman’s journey to this point, but it should be fascinating to see where it goes. I haven’t mentioned the reasons the Giants make this a compelling matchup, but the focus of this game should be the Vikings and Freeman. Fans and experts have declared this a lost season for the Vikings and I’m eager to see how they respond to these claims.

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