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New York Giants: Eli Manning To Reuben Randle Still In Developmental Stage

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Mike Dinovo — USA Today Sports

Of New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning’s 15 interceptions this season, six of them have been passes that were intended for Rueben Randle. Most of those passes intended for Randle that were intercepted seemed to be plays where either Manning or Randle happened to not be on the same page. Randle is just in his second season, so there’s still time for this connection to work.

Randle’s connection with Manning makes things interesting with Hakeem Nicks as he heads into the upcoming offseason as a free agent. If Randle can continue to develop a rapport with Manning, it may give the Giants more of a reason to let Nicks walk, who hasn’t necessarily shown a great connection with Manning, either, which has led to interceptions as well.

However, if Manning is going to cut down on his interceptions, he and Randle have got to figure out a way to get on the same page. While they both haven’t been on the same wave length at times, Randle has three touchdown receptions in the past two games. Nicks still does not have a touchdown reception this season.

The Giants have put Randle out there more, especially as they start to spread things out. If Randle can show more over the course of this season, and even prove that he could be a legit outside No. 1 receiver, the Giants may be very inclined to let Nicks walk and find cheaper options to fill the No. 3 and 4 receiver spots in the future.

I don’t believe, however, Randle’s possible ascension will have any bearing on the future for Nicks as a Giant. If the Giants believe Nicks is a weapon they must keep for years, they will pay him accordingly. If they feel his skills are one that can be replaced by anyone, the Giants will let him entertain other offers. The Giants can also use the franchise tag on him, even though they hardly use it at all.

For now, however, Randle and Manning must get on the same page or those egregious looking interceptions Manning has been throwing with no Giants’ receiver in sight will continue.

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