New York Giants Show Desperation By Signing Peyton Hillis

By Dylan Hughes
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants are off to one of the worst starts in their storied history at 0-6, and at this point, you could understand them making a desperate attempt at improving their roster in free agency. Well, that’s what they did Wednesday, signing running back Peyton Hillis. Will Hillis help the Giants turn around, or continue on his downward spiral after his impressive 2010 season?

The Giants have had an awful beginning to their season, with Eli Manning leading it all. Manning has thrown 15 interceptions so far this season, already matching last season’s total through just six games. With injuries at the running back position, New York was forced to tryout some backs, and ended up being most impressed with Hillis, hence his signing.

New York did work out five running backs Tuesday, according to Dan Graziano of, and if they liked Hillis the most, the other four backs must have been awful. Hillis was a one-hit wonder in the NFL, with that one great season coming in 2010. The G-Men are desperate, though, so the risk of signing someone like Hillis is understood and, honestly, necessary at this point.

Hillis is nowhere near what he used to be, but this chance from New York could be huge for him. He finally has a chance to show that he can be a starting running back in the NFL because he frankly hasn’t had that chance the past couple seasons. The Giants need him to contribute and help win some games because what they’ve shown so far this season just isn’t working. New York’s starting running back job really hasn’t been locked down by anyone this season and if Hillis can come out and become a difference maker, maybe he will own that starting job, and maybe the Giants could make an insane turn-around in the weak, to say the least, NFC East.

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