Seattle Seahawks Must Put Arizona Cardinals Away Early

By Todd Pheifer
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks are 5-1, but they haven’t made it look easy. Frankly, this team has played sloppy in a few games. The latest slop fest was against the Tennessee Titans, and while the Hawks came out with a win, they didn’t make it very easy on themselves.

Against the Arizona Cardinals, the Seahawks need to get off to a good start. Seattle cannot continue to rely on comebacks in the fourth quarter. The comeback almost didn’t work against the Houston Texans, and the Seahawks weren’t able to muster a rally against the Indianapolis Colts.

The Cardinals are a good team. They aren’t a great team, but in the NFL, a good team can rise up and win on any given Sunday. Seattle will be on the road and the Cards would love to take down a first-place team like the Seahawks.

Seattle has been a notoriously slow starter this season. In the first quarter, Seattle has scored zero, zero, seven, three, 12 and zero points this year. Do the math and that is a total of 22 points.

Not a good way to get started.

Would it really be so hard for this team to start with a nice, comfortable 14-0 lead in the first quarter? This team is talented enough to put that type of score on the board. Put the ball in Marshawn Lynch’s hand and punch it into the end zone.

The late-game heroics by Russell Wilson are exciting and all, but this continues to be a dangerous way to win. One of these days, this team has to put it all together and start a game with a dominant first quarter.

This would be a good week to start strong.

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