10 Deals Involving Stars That Should Happen Before 2013 NFL Trade Deadline

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10 Deals Involving Stars That Should be Made Before the 2013 NFL Trade Deadline

10 Deals Involving Stars That Should be Made Before the 2013 NFL Trade Deadline
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With the 2013 NFL trade deadline quickly approaching, a few names are starting to surface in rumors of trades by teams that are pretty much toast this season and teams that are looking to cement themselves as contenders before the playoff stretch run begins. So it's only natural that we look at some high-profile players who not only could be on the move, but ones who should be dealt before the Oct. 29 deadline.

We're taking the baseball route with this one and looking at several players whose contracts are expiring this season, although not all of them fall into that category. Most of these high-profile players currently play for teams that have virtually no chance of making the playoffs this year, which should behoove these squads to get what they can for these players instead of just watching them walk in free agency this offseason.

Again, these are trades that should happen and all of them are certainly possibilities -- we don't do that hocus-pocus stuff here. As a Dallas Cowboys writer, I constantly see America's Team make silly mistakes that are obvious, which is why I end a lot of my columns with "the Cowboys should do this or that, but what they should do and what they actually do are often two different things." Sadly, that applies to several other NFL franchises, but if they're smart, they'll make these moves before the Oct. 29 deadline. Let's dive in.

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Hakeem Knick to the Seahawks

Hakeem Knick to the Seahawks
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Although he says he's staying in New York, Hakeem Nicks really has no control over what the Giants do with him. And considering he's in a contract year, the Giants are out of the playoff race already and Rueben Randle is emerging as a reliable receiver, Nicks could be better served as a top target for a contender like Seattle. The Seahawks are already good, but a legit receiving threat for Russell Wilson could make them lethal.

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Jared Allen to the 49ers

Jared Allen to the 49ers
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The 49ers' pass-rush situation isn't exactly peachy (14 sacks through six games) and the whole Aldon Smith ordeal has just made things worse. Jared Allen is in the last year of his contract and won't re-sign in Minnesota, so why not deal him to a contender like San Francisco that could benefit from his services during a Super Bowl run and then possibly give him the money he wants in the upcoming offseason, if not before then.

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Jermichael Finley to the Ravens

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It's been way too long for Jermichael Finley to prove he will ever catch on as the elite tight end the Packers always thought he would be. It's time to part ways and see if Finley can prove himself with another Super Bowl contender that needs a tight end in the final year of his contract. Joe Flacco desperately needs an elite pass-catching option at tight end, so this would be a great make-or-break chance for Finley.

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Kenny Britt to the Patriots

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The Patriots desperately need a receiver and Kenny Britt can't seem to stay out of trouble and thus on the field for the Titans, so it's time for a change of scenery. With a great situation in New England and a coach who knows how to get the most out of troubled players, Britt might just become the next big thing like so many other Patriots receivers.

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Kirk Cousins to the Texans

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The Texans are a good football team that is currently in a state of turmoil. That could change with a surefire leader like Kirk Cousins. There's absolutely no reason why Cousins should continue to sit behind Robert Griffin III when he could easily be a topnotch starting quarterback in the NFL, especially with a talented team like Houston.

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Matt Schaub to the Jaguars

Matt Schaub to the Jaguars
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This one is a stretch, especially considering Houston and Jacksonville are in the same division, but Schaub isn't done as a viable NFL starting quarterback and at this point, the Jaguars just need someone under center who's decent. More importantly, they need a new face just to keep fans in the seats for the remainder of this season. This deal would let Jacksonville (and the rest of the NFL) know if Schaub is worth anything at this point before the 2014 NFL Draft rolls around.

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Maurice Jones-Drew to the Giants

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Everyone and their dog knows that MJD won't re-sign with the Jaguars, so this doomed franchise would be wise to deal him now and get what it can in return. The Giants desperately need a stud running back who's younger and more dependable than Brandon Jacobs and Jones-Drew could easily help turn that franchise around while returning to prominence as an elite NFL runner.

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Ryan Clark to the Cowboys

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The Steelers are awful and they're in for a huge rebuilding year in 2014, whether they know it yet or not. Meanwhile, the Cowboys are in need of a reliable veteran safety after ditching Will Allen earlier this year. Ryan Clark (34) won't be around forever, but he'd certainly be better than the safeties Dallas has fielded in recent years, and he would provide the leadership that's been lacking there since Darren Woodson retired.

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Tony Gonzalez to the Chiefs

Tony Gonzalez to the Chiefs
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This isn't for sentimental purposes -- the Chiefs need a solid receiving threat and they already know what Tony Gonzalez can do from his Hall of Fame years in Kansas City during the 2000s. Gonzalez is in his final NFL season and the Falcons are toast, so he deserves to play for a team that has a chance to content for a ring this year. He would provide a security blanket for Alex Smith, which would make the Chiefs' quarterback even more effective than he's been in their undefeated start to the season.

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Jairus Byrd to the Broncos

Jairus Byrd to the Broncos
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As good as the Broncos are, their secondary is sketchy, especially at the safety position. The Bills know they need to trade Jairus Byrd so they don't just have to watch him walk in the upcoming offseason and at 27, he could be a defensive leader in Denver through the transition into the Brock Osweiler era and beyond. Not to mention, he would give the Broncos an even better chance to win the Super Bowl this year.