5 NFL Head Coaches On the Hot Seat Heading Into Week 7

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NFL Week 7: 5 Head Coaches In Risk Of Losing Their Jobs

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Heading into NFL Week 7, the season is in full swing and several teams are living easy. Head Coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots has his team off to another hot start despite all of the offseason moves and skepticism. Similarly, Sean Payton has returned to the New Orleans Saints after his suspension with a flurry. The Saints are out to a quick 5-1 record with only a three-point loss to the aforementioned Patriots in Week 6. These two head coaches, along with others like Pete Carroll, Andy Reid and Marvin Lewis, are sitting atop their divisions comfortably and do not have any worries about losing their jobs any time soon.

Unfortunately for them, not all head coaches can feel so comfortable. One coach you might expect to be worrying about whether or not he will have a job after Week 7 is the Jacksonville Jaguars’ leader, Gus Bradley. Despite the Jags falling to a desperate 0-6 record, the team’s management has shown patience in the past with head coaches struggling to get their team going. In 2011, Jack Del Rio got 11 games before being cut off and Mike Mularkey was given the whole season before getting fired despite finishing 2-14 and starting 1-9. Further, the Jags have faced tough teams like the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks and their opponents have a combined 26-10 record on the season. The Jacksonville management probably knows that the Jags have seen the toughest part of their schedule and will give Bradley some more time to try to work out his system.

With that being said, it is time to look at five NFL coaches who are most certainly on the hot seat heading into Week 7 and ought to be very worried about their job security. Click on the “Next” button above to start the slideshow!

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Greg Schiano – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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After a nice turn around in 2012, Greg Schiano’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers have sunk to 0-5 in 2013. Other than the two losses to the Saints and Patriots, the Bucs’ other three games have at least been against beatable opponents: New York Jets, Arizona Cardinals, and Philadelphia Eagles. As the Bucs head to visit the struggling Atlanta Falcons, if they do not win in Week 7, Schiano may need to look for work elsewhere.

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Mike Smith – Atlanta Falcons

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Speaking of the devils, the Falcons have struggled almost as much as their divisional rivers, the Buccaneers. Head coach Mike Smith has watched his team regress from a 13-3 2012 season to a miserable 1-4 start. Although his tenure ought to earn him some more time to turn the team around, the Falcons’ ownership might not give Smith the time he needs to get off of the hot seat.

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Leslie Frazier – Minnesota Vikings

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After turning the Minnesota Vikings around in 2012, Leslie Frazier seems to have reverted his team back to their 2011 form in which they went 3-13 under his guidance. With the Vikings now sitting in last place in the NFC North, a traditionally tough division, Frazier seems to be relying on his failing quarterback too much while neglecting his standout running back, Adrian Peterson. If the Vikings cannot get a road win against the pathetic New York Giants, Frazier may be on his way out.

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Mike Tomlin – Pittsburgh Steelers

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Over the past three seasons, Mike Tomlin’s has watched his Pittsburgh Steelers go astray. After finishing 2011 with a 12-4 record, the Steelers sunk to 8-8 in 2012 and have started 2013 with a sad 1-4 record. If Tomlin and Big Ben Roethlisberger cannot turn this season around in a hurry, Tomlin might be looking for a new job. Unfortunately for them, their upcoming schedule is not exactly the easiest.

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Tom Coughlin – New York Giants

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As the Giants have sunk to 0-6 against some tough teams, Tom Coughlin really needs his team to show up in the next two games versus the also-struggling Vikings and Eagles. If the Giants cannot get out of Week 8 with a win, Coughlin may very well be in deep trouble.

That does it for my slideshow. I would love to read your comments on whether or not you agree with these five coaches who are in trouble. Thanks for reading!

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  • James Amenta

    Mike Tomlin has nothing to worry about. The Steelers have gone through tough times before. With Bill Cowher we saw bad seasons, but he recoverd. Even the legandary Chuck Noll had bad seasons. Just because the Steelers are having a bad season doesn’t mean that they will replace Tomlin. The Rooney family is not quick to dismiss a head coach, they give them many chances to recover, and recover Tomlin will.

    • Isaac Comelli

      That’s fair, @jamesamenta:disqus. The Steelers organization has shown patience in the past, but with the Ravens, Raiders and Patriots due up in the next three weeks, how will the Rooney’s feel if the Steelers possibly are sitting at 1-7?