Detroit Lions Need Calvin Johnson to Step Up Against Cincinnati Bengals

By Michael Terrill
Detroit Lions Need Calvin Johnson to Step Up Against Cincinnati Bengals
Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions will already have a hard enough time as it is matching up with the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. A victory could be near impossible if wide receiver Calvin Johnson does not step his game up.

Johnson hauled in just three passes for 25 yards against the Cleveland Browns last week. The Lions did not need the 28-year-old to have a career game by any means as they handled the Browns quite easily. However, it will be a different story against Bengals, who are first place in the AFC North.

Cincinnati’s defense has been stellar this season, which means getting Johnson involved could prove to be difficult. However, that will not stop Detroit from trying as they anticipate using “Megatron” frequently, at least as much as Johnson’s knee will allow.

“It’s not an overnight thing to get back to 100 percent, but he’s working hard to get there,” Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said, according to “I don’t see why there is any reason he wouldn’t be able to have a few more this week, but it has everything to do with how the game goes.”

There is no question Detroit must be ready for Cincinnati throwing everything they got at Johnson early and often. That means having some sort of backup plan is ideal. The problem is the Bengals have limited both the run and pass this season, which means the Lions must take advantage of every opportunity they get in the red zone.

Hopefully, Johnson’s knee will allow him to raise his level of play in Week 7 because Detroit is going to need every bit of his talent to win.

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