Michael Vick Being Ruled Out Will Help Philadelphia Eagles Focus on Dallas Cowboys

By Andrew Fisher
Michael Vick
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Vick has officially ruled himself out of the Philadelphia Eagles showdown this Sunday with the Dallas Cowboys. This is certainly bad and good news, depending on your opinion of who should be behind center for the Eagles. There are plenty of folks on both sides of the argument. Some are for Nick Foles, while others feel Vick’s experience and athletic ability gives the Eagles their best chance at victory. Now, all of that back-and-forth is irrelevant, for now.

One thing is for sure, though, we’ll all have a much better idea of who should be behind center in Philly after Sunday’s contest. If Foles goes out and steals the show and leads the Eagles to a victory, it will be hard for Chip Kelly to go back to Vick. On top of that, it should help the Eagles focus on the game now that they know who will be starting at QB. The uncertainty that was surrounding the position had to be taking a toll on the other players, whether they’d admit it or not.

Players are always going to say generic things like ‘just go out there and play,’ but we all know that some of them have to be thinking ‘ just pick a guy already.’

At least for one week, Eagles’ fans and players know the guy is going to be Foles. This is no doubt his big chance to go out and show everyone that it should be his job for the rest of the season. But if he plays poorly, everyone involved will be right back to square one.


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