Michael Vick May Have Played His Last Game As A Philadelphia Eagle

By Ryan Wenzell
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Vick may have played his last snap as a Philadelphia Eagle. In a shocker the veteran quarterback once again got hurt, this time with a severe hamstring pull that has formed a knot. Nick Foles has taken over at quarterback and let’s just say he has run with the job.

Foles has been brilliant for two straight weeks including torching a solid Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense for 300 yards and four total touchdowns. That is no small feat. This is a defense that stud quarterbacks like Drew Brees and Tom Brady struggled with. Who knows how Vick would have fared against the Bucs, but my money is Foles’ performance would have overshadowed his.

This raises the question of what is Vick’s both short and long term future in Philadelphia? In the short term picture if Foles continues to play well, specifically on Sunday against the rival Dallas Cowboys with first place on the line, and wins that ball game, how can you possibly go back to Vick? I think head coach Chip Kelly is smart enough to know you just can’t do that.

If Foles has a third straight solid showing the job has to be his. While they say you can’t win a job due to injury we all know that isn’t true. There would never be a Brady if not for an injury at the quarterback position. If these events transpire like I think they will Vick will have played his last down as an Eagle.

Vick is on a one-year contract and will be 34 years of age by the time next year rolls around. No doubt Kelly is looking for his future quarterback to lead the Eagles into the next decade, and Vick certainly isn’t that. He has three or four more years left in him at best given the reckless style of football he plays.

Could the future be Foles? The Eagles need to find out, and this is what makes him playing so valuable. The future at quarterback is still very much in the air at this point, but Foles could change all of that.

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