New England Patriots Suffer More Injury Problems

By Tony Tranghese
Stew Milne – USA TODAY Sports

Can the New England Patriots really rebound from all the injuries this past Sunday? Can Bill Belichick really over come Jerod Mayo, Dan Connolly, Danny Amendola and Aqib Talib?

Yeah, probably. The guy has done it so many times now, it’s almost like everyone except Wes Welker is completely expendable in that Patriots line up.

Everyone has been all excited that the Patriots are 5-1 and that they have done it with guys like Kenbrell Thompkins and Aaron Dobson. So, why can’t they overcome this? Their defense was actually legitimate this year, and now they are missing key pieces left and right. That should be reason enough to raise a red flag. I mean, they actually created a stop or two, and have made clutch plays reminding Patriots fans of the defenses that won the Patriots’ Super Bowls. The fact that they were holding teams to under 20 points and giving Tom Brady a chance to win games has been refreshing.

In all reality, great defenses do win championships, and the Patriots had a defense that resembled that until all of these injuries went down. If you had any doubts, the game against the New Orleans Saints should have put those doubts to rest. Granted, the New York Jets have limited offense, the Patriots have once again put themselves in a must-win situation going into this week. If you’re wondering why I didn’t once mention Rob Gronkowski, it’s probably because he has been irrelevant this entire season, and it may be time for Patriots fans to get ready for life without him.

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