One Thing San Francisco 49ers Must do to Defeat Tennessee Titans

By Michael Terrill
One Thing San Francisco 49ers Must do to Defeat Tennessee Titans
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers will have their hands full against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. The 49ers definitely have what it takes to defeat the Titans. With that being said, what is one thing in particular the team must do if they want to be victorious in Week 7?

San Francisco has done a decent job of holding onto the football this season. Nonetheless, the fact that they have lost six of their eight fumbles is certainly a little troubling, especially with Tennessee on the schedule next.

The Titans are third in the league in forced fumbles (seven) and second in fumble recoveries (seven). In fact, they are only one of three teams to recover every forced fumble this season. Their efficiency in that area of the defense is certainly something that has the 49ers concerned.

“Yeah, it’s really got to be,” head coach Jim Harbaugh said in regards in an emphasis to holding onto the football, according to “That’s something that’s always a special point of emphasis, always something that is vital, critical to a team’s well-being. But, I really think you have to this week. If it’s 10 out of 10 every week, it’s 11 out of 10 this week. It’s very important.”

Every single player on the 49ers who plans on touching the football needs to make sure they have a solid grip on it because the Titans will do everything in their power to punch the ball out to create opportunities for the offense. Hopefully, it will be a non-issue for San Francisco.

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