Rob Gronkowski Return Talk is Nauseating

By Andrew Fisher
Rob Gronkowski
USA Today Sports

Is anyone else as sick as I am of the constant speculation over Rob Gronkowski‘s return? For crying out loud, when will it end?

It was a different story two months ago. Everybody knew the tight end was going to miss the first few games of the season. Who could blame him? He had five surgeries in about a six month span. But now things have changed. Reports have been coming out of Pats’ camp for weeks that he looks great in practice, but yet he still can’t get cleared to play in a game. There have also been reports that his absence is causing resentment among other players.

Finally in week six, it looked like Gronk was going to get the green light. Then as gameday approached, he was ruled out once again. Now, his agent Drew Rosenhaus has come out and said that the TE is still not cleared and it seems likely he won’t play in week seven.

Well, I’m over it. I’m done speculating and I wish this whole thing would just go away. Let’s just assume from this point on that Gronk is not going to play. Until he says otherwise, there should be no report that’s taken seriously.

On top of all the misleading reports that have come out, you have to wonder why the New England Patriots would have left him off the preseason PUP list if they thought there was even a slight chance of this happening? They obviously had good reason to be believe he’d be back by now. As it turns out, they’ve essentially wasted a crucial roster spot this entire time.


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