Tony Gonzalez Squashes Trade Rumors, But is He Just Saying the Right Things?

By Andrew Fisher
Tony Gonzalez

Once the Atlanta Falcons dropped to 1-4 and news emerged that Julio Jones would be out for the rest of the season, rumors immediately started up regarding Tony Gonzalez‘s future. Granted, the rumors weren’t coming from Falcons’ camp. Most of them were started by fans that were hoping their team would acquire the legendary tight end. Now, Gonzalez himself has spoke out against the trade rumors:

“I don’t have any regrets. I am still as happy as I can be to be a Falcon. I know there was trade rumors out there. I didn’t ask for a trade. That wasn’t me. I signed up and this is the team. I came back to play with these guys on the team and I’m enjoying myself win, lose or draw.”

In typical Gonzalez-fashion, he’s saying the right things with these comments. That’s a ‘by the book’ answer from the future hall-of-famer. We shouldn’t expect anything else from him, because he’s always played and carried himself with a lot of class.

But I still have to wonder – what if the Falcons continue to lose as the trade deadline approaches? Will he change his tune?

As Gonzalez also pointed out in his recent comments, the Falcons aren’t dead yet. They still have a pulse. But what if they don’t in a few weeks? Does he really want his career to end like that? I just have a hard time believing that he’d be okay with it ending that way.

The odds of the TE being dealt are not good, but just like the Falcons’ season isn’t over yet, either is the possibility of a mid-season swap.


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