Washington Redskins' Robert Griffin III Needs To Concentrate On Executing

By Tony Tranghese
“Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports”

Robert Griffin III needs to stop doing press conferences; just stop getting up there after the game and talking. This year has been a disaster, and every time he steps up to the microphone, he makes matters worst. How long can Mike Shanahan put up with this? Why can’t RGIII go out on to the field, take snaps, and execute the plays that are called by the Washington Redskins? Why is this so hard?

It seems almost too simple. Take the snap and throw the ball. Take the snap and hand off the ball. if the play is broken, take the snap and run to the sidelines. Football is a chess match, but that doesn’t mean you have to over think it. It is almost like RGIII is trying to do too much, as if he thinks he has to prove to everyone that he can make plays and be as explosive as last year. Play within your element and the plays will come. Teams have game plans for a reason; it’s why owners and management pay coaches. If they didn’t need coaches, it would be a flag football game on the beach, instead of in a stadium in front of thousands of people.

He needs to be resilient and adapt to change. If the knee isn’t the same, it’s not a big deal. He was drafted for more than his legs, and it’s time to start using them and making the Redskins believe they have a franchise quarterback. As of right now, I have my doubts, and they’re not about his physical ability.

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