What Does Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning Think of Andrew Luck?

By Michael Terrill
What Does Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning Think of Andrew Luck
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Everyone knew the NFL headlines would center on Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck in the days leading up to Week 7. There is no question the matchup between the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts will be one of the highest rated games of the season. With so many statements made by owners, coaches and players, it might be interesting to see what one of the stars have to say about it. What does Manning think about his successor?

Many people may not realize this but Manning and Luck go way back. In fact, Luck’s father was a backup quarterback to Archie Manning when the two played for the Houston Oilers. Seriously, what are the odds of that? Luck has known the Manning family for a long time, which makes the decision for the Colts to part ways with Manning for the young signal caller that much more interesting.

It must have been hard for Manning to relinquish his job to someone else after having so much success in Indianapolis. However, many commended him for his actions in the process. The fact is he could have gone the Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers route but decided to remain classy instead.

As far as his feelings towards Luck, they are nothing but positive.

“He’s a heck of a quarterback,” Manning said, according to ESPN.com. “He sure did have a great first season and certainly used that first season to his advantage, and he’s off to a heck of a start this year.”

Luck takes it one step further to describe how Manning has treated him over the years.

“That was very fun and a great way to meet Peyton and Eli and talk to Archie,” Luck said referring to the time when he attended the annual Manning Passing Academy, according to ESPN.com. “There was that link between our fathers. [Peyton] has always been very helpful and kind. They’re such a classy family. It’s fun to know them.”

The mutual respect between the two quarterbacks only adds to the intrigue of Sunday’s contest. Hopefully, it will not be one that disappoints.

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