Adrian Peterson Speaks on Son's Death

By Andrew Fisher
Adrian Peterson
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings‘ struggles as of late, pale in comparison to the real-life tragedy that struck Adrian Peterson last week. Peterson’s son was allegedly beaten to death by the boyfriend of the child’s mother. AP was away from the team for one day last week and one day this week.

When this terrible news first came out, many people were confused about which child had passed away. Adrian Peterson Jr. has been seen with his father on many occasions, but as it turns out, he wasn’t the one that passed away. So because of all the confusion and also ridiculous tabloid reports, AP decided to break his silence on the matter.

Here’s what the running back had to say about the tragic situation:

“It’s an unfortunate situation and I can speak on it. But, yeah, I found out recently that it was my son, like two months ago. I was planning on seeing him and I had talked with his mom and had gotten some things together as far as financially helping her. Unfortunately, this situation took place and it’s devastating. A lot of people won’t ever understand the situation that I am in, to see it the way I’m seeing the situation. It’s tough, but I’m able to deal with that. I got a good supporting cast around me that has been supporting me at this tough time.”

Peterson also said that he doesn’t think this incident will affect his play on the field. He’s clearly a mentally strong individual, but it’s hard to imagine something of this magnitude not impacting him somewhat. AP needs to get himself right first and foremost. But as of now, and just like last week, he’s moving ahead with business as usual.


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