Jared Allen Tells Minnesota Vikings Teammates to 'Embrace the Suck'

By Andrew Fisher
Jared Allen
USA Today Sports

The Minnesota Vikings are in a big 1-4 hole. While their season isn’t technically on the line this Monday against the New York Giants, we can all see that it pretty much is. I’ve deemed the Vikings/Giants game as a ‘loser leaves town’ battle, because the loser will almost certainly be done for the year.

So it’s with that in mind, that Jared Allen is doing his best to rally his teammates. Allen has seen a lot in his NFL career and he’s refusing to believe that the Vikings are done. Here’s part of what he said in a recent interview:

“‘We got a chance to do something epic here, let’s embrace the suck, let’s embrace this and move forward’ and it starts with one win and I mean you look at teams throughout the history of the league, I mean the Giants they sneak into the playoffs a few years back and win a Super Bowl.”

As cliche as the saying is, the Vikings are most certainly in a ‘one game at a time’ situation right now. If they can grind out a tough road win against New York on MNF and Josh Freeman looks good, who’s to say they couldn’t turn things around at 2-4?

The Vikings aren’t dead yet, but they’ve got their work cut out for them over the next three weeks. After their game on MNF, they’ll return home in week eight to face the Green Bay Packers and then head south to take on the Dallas Cowboys in week nine. After the game in Dallas, we’ll know for sure where the Vikings stand. For now, they have no other choice but to embrace the suck.


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