One Huge Reason Green Bay Packers Will Reach Super Bowl

By Michael Terrill
One Huge Reason Green Bay Packers Will Reach Super Bowl
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers may be 3-2 and sit in third place in the NFC North. However, the team is playing far better than their record shows. In fact, the Packers are a team nobody wants to face considering where they rank in several statistical categories on both sides of the ball. Green Bay’s offense is what has people talking with the conclusion that the balance is enough reason for Super Bowl talk.

The Packers have not had a balanced offense since running back Ryan Grant rushed for 1,253 yards in 2009. That has all changed in 2013 in which Green Bay ranks fourth in the league in passing yards per game (309.4) and fifth in rushing yards per contest (140.8).

The high-flying air and ground attack has kept opposing defenses off guard. In fact, quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been able to record big gains using play-action pass thanks to the phenomenal running game. Not to mention, Eddie Lacy is clearly the real deal as his superior football intelligence, raw talent and high-ceiling give him the potential to be one of the top backs in the league in the ensuing years. The addition of Lacy has clearly made Rodgers more dangerous, even if it has yet to be completely revealed.

Many have been quick to point out that Rodgers’ numbers are not as flashy this season as they have been in years past. That is somewhat accurate, even though he still ranks in the top 11 in the NFL in passer rating, touchdowns, completion percentage and passing yards despite playing in one less game than the other quarterbacks in the top 10 have appeared in.

Neither Rodgers nor the Packers will apologize for his statistics taking a bit of a dip through five games this season. The reason for that is because a balanced offense is what will lead Green Bay to the Super Bowl. Not to mention, Rodgers is perfectly fine with the much improved defense winning games for the Packers, although I am sure he would like the offense to play a little better.

As long as no more devastating injuries occur, Green Bay will continue to get stronger as each game passes. The fact that they will realistically be favored in every game for the rest of the regular season is enough to believe they will clinch the division title and claim a top playoff seed. The momentum alone could be exactly what it takes to reach the Super Bowl, similar to what the franchise did in 2010.

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