Seattle Seahawks Fans Looking to Outdo Kansas City Chiefs Fans Again

By Jonathan W. Crowell

The Seattle Seahawks may have won their Week 6 matchup against the Tennessee Titans, but Seahawks fans, better known collectively as “The 12th Man,” had to surrender a different victory:  Kansas City Chiefs fans at Arrowhead Stadium, led and organized by superfan Ty Rowton, set a new Guinness world noise record (for an outdoor sports stadium) of 137.5 decibels during their 24-7 victory  against the Oakland Raiders this past Sunday.

Seahawks fans had briefly stolen Arrowhead’s bragging rights four weeks earlier as the “loudest stadium” in the NFL, when they hit 136.6 decibels during the Sept. 15, 2013 game against the San Francisco 49ers. That day, they also beat out the previous world record, gauged at 131.76 decibels at a soccer match at the Turk Telecom Arena in Istanbul, Turkey.

On a brighter note for Seattle fans, Guinness authorities have offered the 12th Man a chance to take the record back. Can they do it?

Volume 12 organizer and former Seahawk Joe Tafoya, who was behind the first effort to break the noise record at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field, seems to be quite confident that they can. Tafoya is currently organizing and drumming up buzz and support on his social media pages to prove that Seahawks fans are not so easily shown the door.

How will other Seahawks fans respond?

After Chiefs fans took back the record last Sunday, Tafoya tweeted out a congratulatory salutation to Kansas City, but also warned that the Seahawks and their fans would not settle for second place. He has heard from dozens, if not hundreds, of his fellow Seahawks fans rallying to reclaim the record and their self-proclaimed bragging rights.

As though the laws of physics could somehow be manipulated, some even went so far as to claim that Chiefs fans had somehow “cheated” at Arrowhead.

Rowton and his fellow Chiefs fans show no sign of letting go of the Guinness record anytime soon, and there are still five home games left on the Seahawks’ regular season schedule, giving their fans plenty of opportunity to show their own true aural colors.

Bring it, Seattle.

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