Should The Minnesota Vikings Consider Trading Adrian Peterson?

By Matthew Solomon
Bob Martin-USA TODAY Sports

There is no real, big secret. Hands down, the best player currently on the Minnesota Vikings is running back Adrian Peterson. In fact, I’ll go so far to say that Peterson is one of, if not the best running back in the NFL today. He is the best athlete on the Vikings right now, and I’d even possibly go so far to say that he is the best athlete in the Twin Cities right now (no disrespect to anybody else playing in Minnesota). But with that being taken into account, along with how bad a football team the Vikings are, this begs a big question. Is it really worth it keeping Peterson in Minnesota?

Right now, I say no.

I know I’m getting a few strange looks by people reading this for what I’m saying, but let me explain myself. After reading an article in the Twin Cities Pioneer Press that talked about what the Vikings should do with AP, it really got me thinking about it. The article may have a valid point here.

Think about this with AP. Currently, the Vikings have yet to come to grips with their own futility. They continue to anticipate a turnaround that will vault them into Super Bowl contention, but that hasn’t really happened yet. They fell short last year, getting knocked out of the playoffs in the first round. This season, the Vikings are currently 1-4, with all signs pointing to another dismal year and missed playoffs.

The Vikings are heading towards being one of the worst teams in the league this season, and now might be a good time to start rebuilding. Peterson would be the key to kick-starting it. He’s 28 years old, still in the prime of his career. Right now, I feel he might be wasting his prime. Minnesota has one superstar on the team, yet they still have only one win and are in last place. Minnesota needs bulk, not one superstar player. So trading Peterson for enough components to jump-start the team’s development is a sound strategy.

Of course, there are going to be obstacles in this trade. Whichever team acquires Peterson likely would have salary cap issues. So the Vikings should be willing to take on salary in return — as long as they can dump it rather quickly. And Peterson shouldn’t have any trouble absorbing another offensive system.

So if the Vikings do decide to get rid of Peterson, it can only really benefit both parties. Peterson can get put on a team where he has a chance to win, because, sadly, that doesn’t look like it will happen in Minnesota. It doesn’t make sense to keep Peterson around for what could be a drawn-out rebuilding process. The team already is a long ways off and likely will be without Jared Allen and Kevin Williams next season. By getting rid of Peterson, it could open up more options for the Vikings to build a more solid team. They have already had trouble building the team around him, so by parting ways with him would allow the team to try and start from scratch again. It may annoy Vikings fans, but if they want to win, it would be a good idea to consider it.

Think about it this way. Look at what happened with the Cleveland Browns.  They started the season 0-2, then they traded Trent Richardson. As turned out, the Browns discovered they weren’t quite dead when they came into the Metrodome and whipped the Vikings. Now they are 3-3 and still have two first-round picks next year.

So, with all those things taken into consideration, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea for Zygi Wilf and Rick Spielman to get together and see if they want to move AP to try this rebuilding thing.

What do you think?

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