Tennessee Titans Rumors: Jake Locker To Start vs. San Francisco 49ers?

By Andrew Fisher
Jake Locker
USA Today Sports

In fairly shocking news of out Tennessee Titans‘ camp, it appears that Jake Locker could be back in time for the team’s game this Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. After the quarterback went down on September 29th with a hip injury, he was expected to miss at least four to six weeks. Now, not even three weeks later, he’s back at practice and fighting hard to play Sunday.

Here’s what Titans’ head coach Mike Munchak had to say about the possibility of Locker playing against the 49ers:

“We’re not going to change anything until there’s a reason to do that. So like I said, a lot of it will depend again on the next 24 hours or so to see really how he’s doing and what is realistic. Again, we put him through a lot of things today, movement and stuff and things, more game-like for him. It’s kind of wait and see now.”

While this news is no doubt exciting many Titans’ fans, it also has to be making them very nervous. Any time an athlete is way ahead of schedule on an injury return, it just gives you that uneasy feeling. You fear the worst that they’re rushing things and that they’ll just immediately get hurt upon returning to the field.

But at the same time, the Titans could certainly use Locker this Sunday against the 49ers. The team hasn’t won a game with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm and going up against San Francisco’s defense is no easy task.

Unless Locker clearly shows he’s healthy enough to avoid further injury, I think I’d hold him back for one more week. But then again, I’m not Mike Munchak, who some say is coaching for his job.


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