Tony Gonzalez Is Not Kansas City Chiefs' Prince Anymore

By Troy Alan
John Rieger – USA Today Sports

When it was announced that Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was going to be donning a knee brace for awhile, fans rolled out the red carpet to Tony Gonzalez. They wanted to see him glamorously strut back into Arrowhead Stadium, adorned with crown and jewels on his gallant steed … but not me.

Kansas City spent all winter shopping for their new wardrobe and the third item they picked out of the NFL draft store was Kelce. He wasn’t their favorite (chosen 63rd overall) but was something they wanted in their closet. It appears now that’s where he’ll remain until the seasons change.

The Chiefs had already purchased Anthony Fasano this offseason while shopping in warm Miami. He wore the starter’s jacket at tight end for Kansas City this spring, but he too has been on the shelf with a knee/ankle injury.

Scruffy-bearded Sean McGrath was pulled from the Chiefs’ dirty laundry and has been a trendsetter. He has 15 receptions for 180 yards and a touchdown when Kansas City has dressed him. The Chiefs are wearing thin at the position though and are in the market for a patch.

Gonzalez is an obvious fit. He’s eventually going to be released by the Atlanta Falcons and ceremoniously signed to a one-day contract in Kansas City anyway; allowing him to be adorned in a Chiefs jersey at his retirement gala.

Tony left town because Carl Peterson‘s 2008 outfit was full of holes. Rich McKay and the Falcons were looking spiffy. He wanted to add a Super Bowl ring to his collection of NFL bling.

Atlanta is off to a tattered 1-4 start this year. The flashbulbs of the prime time stage on Monday night didn’t portray them in a good light. They were taken to the cleaners by the (2-3) New York Jets.

The Chiefs are off on another foot. They have found Cinderella’s glass slipper this season and are having a ball at 5-0. Instead of using Gonzalez as a hand-me-down, Atlanta could get something in exchange for him from Kansas City. Admittedly the adjustment could be tailor-made for both organizations.

When the Houston Texans come to the “Kingdom” on Sunday, however, I hope the team’s “suits” are having a different conversation. I’m enjoying the Chiefs’ fairy-tale season, but am more of a blue-collar type guy.

There was a tight end in Houston’s rookie minicamp this year that the Texans got to see up close, and he’s now a free agent. I don’t know if last year’s Heisman runner-up would be a good fit in Kansas City, but I think he’s worth trying on for size.

Can you imagine the different looks the Chiefs could give opposing defenses with Colin Klein on their roster? He may walk in with a broken-down mule wielding his bags, but that’s my kind of fable.

I’d much rather that than be caught wearing “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

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