Tony Romo Will Lead Cowboys To Victory Regardless Of Who Plays Quarterback For Eagles

By Michael Pidgeon
Tony Romo
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

For the majority of the week leading up to the game this Sunday between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys, all I have heard about is whether it’ll be Michael Vick or Nick Foles starting for the Eagles. How about I go on record and state the obvious: It doesn’t matter who starts for Philadelphia because Tony Romo will lead Dallas to a victory.

The only quarterback worth talking about in the NFC East seems to get the least amount of attention. Vick and Foles get attention because they’re in a tight battle for the starting spot. Robert Griffin III gets attention because he’s coming off a torn ACL and has everyone wondering if he’ll return to the form he showed in his rookie season anytime soon. The attention Eli Manning gets is ridiculous. He has the most interceptions in the NFL and the New York Giants are winless, so why exactly does anyone continue talking about him and his team? It’s because Eli’s big brother is Peyton Manning and the comparisons between the two brothers are never-ending.

The most attention Romo got this season was after the game with Peyton’s Denver Broncos when Tony single-handedly almost won the game, but because of a late interception that ended up being very costly, Dallas ended up on the losing end. Instead of blaming the defense who not once made Peyton’s offense punt, everyone jumped on Romo and ran him into the ground as usual. Not one game that Dallas lost this season should be blamed on Tony. The one point loss to the Kansas City Chiefs wasn’t his fault. The defense giving up 17 unanswered second half points to the San Diego Chargers wasn’t Romo’s fault either. It’s about time the media and all the “haters” start giving Romo his due and show him the respect he has earned. He is the biggest reason Dallas is even competitive week in and week out.

After this Sunday, everyone will realize that instead of wasting time talking about who’s going to start for the Eagles, maybe they should’ve spent the week talking about how the Eagles should be worried about Romo lighting them up and giving Dallas the sole possession of the lead in the NFC East. Folks, get your popcorn ready because Romo is going to continue showing just why he’s the best quarterback in the NFC East this season and quite frankly a top five quarterback in all of the NFL.

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