What is Key to Victory for Cincinnati Bengals in Week 7?

By Michael Terrill
What is Key to Victory for Cincinnati Bengals in Week 7
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

It does not matter if he is 100 percent or not, the key to the Cincinnati Bengals defeating the Detroit Lions in Week 7 is shutting down Calvin Johnson.

“Megatron” is the best wide receiver in the game today, which means he is always a threat to destroy the opposing team’s game plan. In theory, it sounds easy to keep Johnson from having a top-notch performance. Get up in his face as best as possible and make sure there is always a safety over the top.

However, Johnson’s ability goes much further than just recording over 100 receiving yards and scoring several touchdowns every game. The fact is he makes everyone around him better. He opens the field up for the other receivers to make plays, which is exactly what the Lions have done this season. What is even worse is Reggie Bush now has plenty of space to go to work. He is someone that can shred the defense simply because of the opportunities Johnson provides for him.

“It started in the past a little bit more with Calvin Johnson, but right now you have to be a little more conscious of No. 21 (Reggie Bush),” Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said, according to Bengals.com. “He’s a very effective player. He’s a special player and he’s having fun and playing that way. Reggie’s doing a good job.”

Detroit simply has too many weapons to stop them all, which is why the focus needs to be on Johnson because he is the game changer. The good news for the Bengals is that Johnson’s knee could cause him problems during the contest. That means it is important that the defensive backs throw everything they got at him in an attempt to limit his production.

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