Will Teammates Welcome Rob Gronkowski Back With Open Arms?

By Connor Muldowney
Rob Gronkowski
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It has finally happened. Yes, Rob Gronkowski is finally back with the New England Patriots as he was cleared to play this week against the New York Jets. Okay, he never left the team, but it’s been quite a while since he took the field during an actual game and contributed to the Patriots’ effort. Coming off surgery to his forearm and back, it could be a slow transition for the big tight end. However, will the transition be welcomed by his teammates?

Sure, Gronkowski is one of the best tight ends in the NFL, maybe outside of Jimmy Graham, but it has been well-noted that some of his Patriots teammates have been displeased with the amount of time Gronk missed — 13 games, including two in the playoffs.

Will his teammates welcome him back? It might take some time and steady production for them to welcome him back with open arms, but it will surely happen if he improves the horrid offense and poor passing game this season. While Danny Amendola has been injured at the wide out position all season long, no return has been as highly anticipated as Gronkowski’s.

I know one teammate who will love to have him back and that’s Tom Brady. He has been hoping and wishing for his big tight end, who had 1,327 yards and 17 touchdowns two seasons ago, to return to action and give him some help in the 19th-ranked passing game.

Teammates will be unhappy that it took this long especially since he has been practicing at seemingly full-strength for weeks, but they will soon forget just why they were upset  with the big man. It won’t take long before Gronkowski is everyone’s best friend once again.

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