Baltimore Ravens' Runningbacks Can't Trust Offensive Line

By Wola Odeniran
Ray Rice Offensive Line
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens have their struggles along the offensive line to the point where some Ravens’ fans are questioning the work ethic of the unit. The Ravens went through changes in the offseason, but they did return four out of their five starting offensive linemen on the Super Bowl team last season. The only departure came from former starting center Matt Birk who is retired.

When you look at the way Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce are running, they have hesitation in running through the lanes they are supposed to run. The Ravens have a made it a focal point this season to create their offensive line around a zone-blocking scheme. The thing about the zone-blocking scheme is, the running lanes won’t always be there, but the runningbacks have to run through those lanes before they open.

I don’t understand why Rice and Pierce continue to dance before they hit the hole. When has that ever worked out well for any runningback? Defenses are too fast to keep stalling the way Rice, and Pierce are doing in the running game. But to be fair, there are times where both runningbacks are blown up in the backfield before they can even make their move.

Ravens’ left guard Kelechi Osemele sees it on the field as he noted earlier in the week via“They don’t really have too much confidence in us right now.”

Even though Rice and Pierce have had their struggles, most of the blame should go towards the offensive line. It’s really interesting that through all of the changes the Ravens went through in the offseason, the Ravens only lost one player on their starting offensive line from last season, and this line is the worst unit on the team. Rice expects some changes in Week 7.

“Without going into too much detail, you’ll just see a lot more of the changes on Sunday in terms of what we’re going to do,” Rice said Friday via “We’re running the same stuff – it just might be out of a different formation or something.”


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