Cleveland Browns Must Shutdown Eddie Lacy to be Victorious in Week 7

By Michael Terrill
Cleveland Browns Must Shutdown Eddie Lacy to be Victorious in Week 7
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The fact that the Cleveland Browns have been pretty solid against the run this season is certainly a plus, but there is no question the Green Bay Packers’ running game could be an issue on Sunday.

Even though quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the player everyone fears when facing the Packers, it is rookie running back Eddie Lacy that could cause the most trouble. The reason for this is because Lacy’s success directly results in Rodgers having a better game. The play-action pass is available and there are not as many defenders in his face because the defense has to honor the rushing attack.

Cleveland has held opponents to 98.2 rushing yards per game this season, which is good for eighth in the NFL. Meanwhile, Green Bay has produced one of their best running games in years in which they average 140.8 yards per contest on the ground.It certainly will be the battle everyone will be watching. In fact, the Browns’ defense against the high-flying offense that the Packers field will be the main factor in which team comes out victorious in Week 7.

Lacy torched the Baltimore Ravens’ defense last week for 120 yards on 23 carries. Why is this significant? The Ravens, like the Browns, have allowed just 98.2 rushing yards per game.

It is quite obvious Cleveland will have to constantly keep their eye on Lacy, which could backfire. Regardless, stopping Lacy is the only chance the Browns have of defeating the Packers because he has become such a huge part of the talented offense.

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