Seattle Seahawks: Team Needs to Give Fans What They Deserve

By Aydin Reyhan
Russell Wilson
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks have been rocking the NFL thus far as they now boast a deserved 6-1 record with their only loss arriving at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts. Even that game was close at 34-28; they could have come back to win it if they had played their cards right. Regardless, 6-1 is still phenomenal.

Last night, the Seahawks hit the gridiron out West to face the Arizona Cardinals in a game that they deservedly won by a score of 34-22. Russell Wilson once again lit up his stat sheet with three TD passes and threw no interceptions. The kid is only a sophomore in this league and is already being described as a good QB who can lead his team to consistent victories.

However, he is not the only player who is propelling this team higher, as corner back Richard Sherman has been locking down the best receivers from opponents around the league in the most recent seasons. In fact, he is even being bumped ahead of Darrelle Revis who was known as the best in this position before he tore his ACL.

These two guys are the best on offense and defense, respectively, and can arguably be called the leaders of this team. In fact, if they keep on improving their game, this team can not only clinch home field advantage for the post season, but could perhaps even go all the way to win the Super Bowl.

The aspect of Seattle that is most impressive is their large fan base. In fact, a recent study shows that their fans in their stadium, Century Link Field has been voted as the loudest sporting even in all of the United States.

Yeah, go ahead and try to tell me that this city does not deserve the best when it comes to America’s favorite pastime.

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