Will Denver Broncos Go 16-0 Or Jacksonville Jaguars 0-16?

By Steven Carollo
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The 6-0 Denver Broncos, led by future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning, are the talk of the town or in the NFL community. Scoring a minimum of 35 points per game through six weeks in a NFL season is simply unheard of. But the Broncos do not stop there. Another thing unheard of with the Broncos is the year Manning is having for them. He has thrown for 2,179 yards with 22 touchdowns and only two interceptions, and remember this is only through six weeks and the season is not even half over yet.

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum is the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars who are 0-6 and led by … well … nobody. Their starting quarterback is Blaine Gabbert, who is currently not playing due to injury but is somehow still the official starting quarterback. Gabbert this year has thrown for 481 yards with 1 touchdown and 7 interceptions, plus as a team the Jaguars have not once scored over 20 points this season so far. Oh when I said the complete opposite side of the spectrum, I meant the complete opposite side of the spectrum.

So which team has the better chance of reaching their destiny you ask? Is there a better chance of the Broncos going 16-0 or the Jaguars going 0-16?

If you look at the overall talent, or lack of talent if you are referring to the Jaguars, and factor in both teams remaining schedules, I think it is pretty obvious that the Jaguars have a better shot going 0-16 than the Broncos having a undefeated 16-0 season.

If the Broncos have any weakness it is their defense and since the Jaguars weakness is literally everything, I just cannot see any game the rest of the way where the Jaguars can possibly win. But for the Broncos, I think they could possibly lose this Sunday against Peyton’s old team, the Indianapolis Colts, not to mention that the Broncos still have to play their division rival Kansas City Chiefs twice, who are also 6-0 and flying under the radar and I do not see the Broncos winning both of those games, especially the one in Kansas City.

So you have my verdict … what’s yours?

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