Colin Kaepernick's Legs Lead San Francisco 49ers To Win Over Tennessee Titans

By Lucas Carreras
Kaepernick's Legs help lead to 49ers win
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Like his Week 6 victory, Colin Kaepernick once again used his legs to his advantage as he proved to be a run-pass threat in a 31-17 win against the Tennessee Titans as the 49ers improved to 5-2.

Coming into the Week 7 game against the Titans, Kaepernick had only rushed for 40 yards total. He seemed reluctant or unsure of when to run with the football at times and as a result, teams did not have to worry about this aspect of Kaepernick’s game. Against the Titans, he ran the football in what has been his most impressive performance since the 49ers’ Week 1 win over the Green Bay Packers.

Kaepernick’s running of the football helped the 49ers score early and often. He would end the game with 68 rushing yards, 50 of those coming in during the first half where the 49ers were very dominant. Kaepernick being able to show he was a threat running the football allowed him to be able to get comfortable in the pocket as the Titans’ pass rush was slowed down. Kaepernick would go on to finish with 13-for-21 passing for 199 yards in what was a very efficient performance.

As the 49ers have re-established their identity during their current four game win streak, Kaepernick has slowly gotten back to re-establishing his ability to beat teams with his legs. This afternoon against the Titans, he ran the ball effectively and it was a big part of why the 49ers won.

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