Denver Broncos vs Indianapolis Colts: Will Nerves Get To Peyton Manning On Sunday Night?

By Ryan Wenzell
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

This is as big a regular season game as I can remember. The Indianapolis Colts square off against the Denver Broncos in a battle ripe with story lines and intrigue. Besides playoff football, this is as big as it gets when it comes to theater and spectacle for a single game.

Manning returns to where it all began, Indianapolis. He was remembered as a legend there for 13 glorious seasons leading them to 11 playoff berths and that 1 elusive Super Bowl ring. This fact has had Colts Owner Jim Irsay outspoken in recent weeks. Claiming they should have had more titles and implying it was somehow Manning’s fault: completely and Utterly ridiculous Jim.

Aside from all that, the nerves will have to be kicking in for Manning on Sunday Night. It his first time back to where it all started in front of fans that still adore him. My money is on there being quite a few Manning Broncos jerseys in the stadium. There will be people rooting for Manning over their own team. That’s how much this guy is beloved in that city.

Manning with all the story lines abound throughout the week may want to stick it to his old team. He may force some things. Is it possible nerves could take over the great Manning? While it is certainly possible I say it is highly improbable. Manning may be the greatest Quarterback ever at blocking out the noise. He may take in the scene pregame but once he’s in the moment and that first ball is snapped he is totally locked in like no athlete I’ve ever seen.

Strap in folks this is going to be a ride between the best and the brightest in Manning and young up start Andrew Luck. For all the glitz and the glamour this game is receiving this should just be one heck of a football game. Enjoy the ride.

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