Kansas City Chiefs: Team Making Andy Reid Look Brilliant

By Aydin Reyhan
Andy Reid
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Reid was fired from the Philadelphia Eagles after the poor 4-12 record they ended with last season. This marked the end of a 14-year tenure in the city of Brotherly Love. The time for him to go had definitely arrived, but offers for him to coach elsewhere in the NFL arrived almost instantaneously.

The team that came calling, the Kansas City Chiefs, is one that hadn’t won a division championship since 2010 and seemed lost both defensively and offensively during that span. Now that Reid has taken the helm and added a new QB in Alex Smith who even though has a tremendous amount of talent in that position was benched for the San Fransisco 49ers after the highly-rated performances from youngster Colin Kaepernick. Under the rule of Reid, Smith’s performances have been maintained if not exceeded at his new club.

Currently, the Chiefs boast an impressive 6-0 record as they lead the AFC West. However, a team, by the name of the Denver Broncos, boasts the same record and are in the same division. This means that they have yet to play one another twice during this regular season with both games expected to be nothing short of brilliantly coached, played and perhaps extremely close when it comes to the score line. Those games will be played on November 17 in Denver then again on December 1 in KC.

The team’s newfound spirit has led them to outplay each and every opponent thus far, but they have not been truly dominant in every fixture. In fact, some of the games were a bit too close and if they are not careful, they may lose both games to the Broncos in addition to being unable to make it all the way to the Super Bowl. To get there, they need some more time to adjust to every single style they may face from their opponents.

Prediction: KC Chiefs will finish second in their division behind Peyton Manning and his Broncos.

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