New England Patriots: How does Austin Collie compare to Danny Amendola?

By Tony Tranghese
“Mark L. Baer- USA TODAY Sports”

The New England Patriots may have Danny Amendola after all. I mean Austin Collie but he’s similar to Amendola right? The only difference is Amendola was a star on his last team and well Collie wasn’t.

Wouldn’t it be perfectly fitting for the Patriots to replace a big name with an underdog? I mean after all of the talk involving Amendola and all the comparisons with him and Wes Welker wouldn’t it be fitting if Collie slid in and stole the job right out from underneath Amendola.

Imagine if Collie just walked on to the field after taking a few weeks to adjust to the offense and boom there is Amendolas replacement. The Patriots took Welker who was essentially just a kick returner in Miami and turned him into one of the best slot receivers in NFL history. Who says the Patriots can’t do this with Collie?

Collie is definitely a cheaper option and anyone at this point can be more durable then Amendola? Right?

Even if he lines up in the slot and takes some pressure off Julien Edelman, it would be better than anyone else we have out there. The other guys can’t run routs and drops are just all to common. Collie really only has a few catches as a Patriot but he showed poise and gave Tom Brady some confidence throwing to him on the last drive of the game against the New Orleans Saints. Confidence is half the battle and after Aaron Dobson dropped that ball on fourth down it was the perfect opportunity for Collie to come in and do something special.

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