New England Patriots: If Rob Gronkowski Gets Hurt, Was It Worth It?

By Tony Tranghese
“Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports”

If Rob Gronkowski gets hurt, was it worth it? The New England Patriots are 5-1 and are ahead in the AFC east. Their defense is depleted and their offense is anemic and yet they have still been winning games. What’s the rush in bringing Gronkowsi back? No team in the NFL has done more with less. The Patriots are essentially playing with house money and when you’re playing with house money, why go all in on your seventh spin.

What happens if Gronkowski falls awkwardly or reinjures his foreArm? Was it really worth bringing him back to play the New York Jets? Someone may see this as the Patriots being afraid of the Jets? The Patriots could have Gronkowski sit out until some losses started to accrue and they would still be ahead of the game.

As bad as the Patriots offense has been, Gronkowski would be better served down the stretch. The Patriots need to weigh whether or not this game or the next few weeks is more important. It almost seems as if their process could include throwing everyone else who is injured out on the field just to scrap together a win. I mean, that makes a lot of sense; let’s just get Aqib Talib some tape on his hip and throw him out there, and Jerod Mayo? No big deal, just tape the shoulder up.

Let’s hope the Patriots know what they are doing with player personnel or we will be headed into the playoffs with even less names then we already know.

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