Tom Brady's Pick-Six Was The Turning Point Of Jets vs. Patriots Game In Week 7

By Steven Carollo
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Week 7 started off great for the New York Jets with rookie quarterback Geno Smith leading the offense down field and into the end zone on a 12-yard touchdown pass to Jeremy Kerley.

This great start would be short-lived, however, as Tom Brady and the New England Patriots would be equal to the task by immediately responding on a touchdown drive of their own.

So then the Jets answered and marched quickly down the field to try to take the lead, but the Patriots’ defense had other plans. In a 7-7 tie game with the Jets in the red zone, Smith threw just a poor pass with the defender all over his intended receiver which led to a crushing pick-six resulting in a 14-7 lead.

I do not know about you, but as a Jets fan myself, I felt Geno’s pick-six would be the unfortunate turning point of the game in what would be a Patriots win.

Well we were wrong, or at least I was.

The turning point of this Week 7 matchup between the Jets and Patriots would not come until the third quarter. On the Patriots’ second play from scrimmage with a 21-10 lead, Brady redeemed Smith’s mistake by throwing a costly pick-six himself, which ignited the Jets and gave them life throughout the entire second half and into overtime, where the Jets would go on to win 30-27.

Before Brady’s interception for a touchdown, their offense was eating the Jets’ defense alive, and it looked like the  game was going to be a double-digit Patriots win.  After Brady’s huge mistake, though, the Jets’ defense settled down and completely dominated the Patriots throughout the third quarter and did enough in the fourth and overtime to help the Jets pull out the victory.

It’s very ironic, because if Brady does not throw that interception, the turning point of the game would have been Smith’s interception and this would be a completely different article.  I guess this is just one of many reasons why we love sports. Anything can happen, and what did happen was Brady’s huge pick-six that completely changed the outcome of the game, not to mention the help of a new special teams rule in overtime that went in the Jets’ favor which I now like to think of as the Jets’ version of the Patriots’ infamous tuck rule.

Overall this was a great game to watch, regardless of the team you root for, but it was even sweeter if you are a Jets’ fan.

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