Baltimore Ravens Exhibit Bad Clock Management In Loss To Pittsburgh Steelers

By Dan Abeshouse
John Harbaugh
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This will be my final rant on the Baltimore Ravens‘ loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Life will go on, but I need to get one last thing off my chest in regards to this game. The the clock management sucked on the Ravens’ tying touchdown drive.

The Steelers increased their lead to 16-9 with ten minutes left in the 4th quarter after the Ravens basically gave them the three points with a poorly executed surprise onside kick. Having that much time left was a bad thing for the Ravens though, as they didn’t show the sense of urgency to score quicker. Joe Flacco led a masterful 16-play drive that encompassed 73 yards and was capped off with a one yard TD pass to Dallas Clark. When looking over that drive play by play, everything looks good in writing. Of the 16 plays, 10 of them were no huddle, with only six rushing plays. The problem was that the Ravens pretty much screwed themselves with the amount of time that they took off the clock. From someone who was watching the game, they seemed to be lacking a sense of urgency even though the majority of the plays were no huddle. I believe with a little more hustle the Ravens probably could have saved around three minutes of clock.

The bad thing about tying the game with two minutes left is that you put yourself in a situation where Ben Roethlisberger can methodically drive the Steelers down the field, while killing the rest of the clock, needing only a field goal to win. If the Ravens had tied the game with around five to six minutes left, then you give yourself a chance to get the ball back at least. Sure the result could have ended up the same, especially with how the defense was struggling to get of the field, but who knows? Hopefully John Harbaugh and the coaching staff will take a look at things like this during the bye week. I’m not ready to write the Ravens off yet.

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