Chris Ivory Key to New York Jets' Run of Success

By Harrison Turkheimer
Chris Ivory
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Reports were coming out in the days leading up to Sunday’s New York Jets win at home vs. the New England Patriots that running back Chris Ivory was not happy with his role in the offense. Not making public statements via social media or directly to reporters but rather going to offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg to voice his concern. Mornhinweg took his running back’s concerns into account in preparation for Sunday’s victory.

The key to Sunday’s game was a running game that was able to help rookie quarterback Geno Smith. The Jets had to come out on Sunday and play smart, mistake-free football, and this rested a lot on Geno’s shoulders. After a rocky start including his first career pick-six, Smith needed to be able to gain control before this game got out of hand. Over the past few weeks the Jets had a philosophy of running back by committee. With Mike Goodson being out for the year it was expected that Ivory’s role would expand, but did anyone expect it to expand to the extent by which it did?

Ivory finished the day with 104 yards and now is currently listed second on the Jets for total carries thus far this season. With an absence of the previous feature back Bilal Powell (due to a sore shoulder), Ivory was able to hit the ground running (yes the pun is intended) including a few critical gains towards the end of the game and overtime.

For a Jets team that was in dire need of a win, this opportunity came with great optimism. The Patriots welcomed back tight end Rob Gronkowski for the first time this season, and we all know the schemes that head coach Bill Belichick likes to dial up against rookie quarterbacks. With help from the defense by getting a pick-six of their own by Antonio Allen, the third quarter on showed a momentum shift in the favor of the home team, and luckily they were able to capitalize as much as possible.

With the crowd and the game on their side, head coach Rex Ryan and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg were able to finally have what this team has been striving for in a balanced attack with smart play-calling and players to back it up as well. A lot of credit to Geno Smith as well, for when in the face of adversity, he was able to take it all in stride and not fold as rookies may have in the past.

The end result of this game (however you may look at that 15 yard penalty) was a victory for the home team and a much needed one. Credit to Chris Ivory with his 100+ yards and the coaching staff to know how to attack a now Jerod Mayo-less Patriots defense. The key as always when its comes to the  2013 Jets is consistency. The Cincinnati Bengals are also coming off a win this past Sunday on the road at the Detroit Lions, therefore who can capitalize more is going to be the key come next Sunday afternoon.

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