Fred Jackson Proving to be Inspiration for Buffalo Bills

By Michael Terrill
Fred Jackson Proving to be Inspiration for Buffalo Bills
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills may be in last place in the ultra-competitive AFC East division with a 3-4 record. However, the team took a huge step in the right direction with a win against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. One big reason for Buffalo’s success this season is the fact that running back Fred Jackson has been an inspiration for the team.

Jackson was injured on his first play of the game. It looked serious enough where numerous players on the Bills were very concerned. The possibility of losing him for the game was certainly a reality many had thought about. However, it did not take long for Jackson to warm back up on the sidelines and get into the game.

“That’s why he has the ‘C’ on his shoulder. He’s one of those guys that we can always count on no matter what. There are going to be some situations where you need to realize that you just can’t go,” Aaron Williams said, according to “You want to be the tough guy and want to show the team you don’t want to quit on them, but sometimes you just can’t go. You can’t tell Fred that. Fred has been in the game for a long time and knows if he can go or not and when he goes in he’s going to give you his best injured or not. He’s going to give you the max he can give you. That’s the kind of leadership we count on.”

Jackson is on pace to set a career high in rushing touchdowns and first downs this season. Obviously, he is a huge difference maker when taking hand offs. With that being said, it is his presence on the gridiron and in the locker room that is the real reason he gives the Bills a chance to win every game.

The 32-year-old rushed for just 36 yards on 11 carries against the Dolphins. However, he did score the only offensive touchdown for the team, which proved to be huge given the fact that Buffalo only won by two points.

With the numbers aside, it was Jackson’s ability to overcome a rough hit and get back on the field that inspired his teammates to raise their level of play.

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