Geno Smith Outplays Tom Brady In New York Jets' Thrilling Victory

By Ryan Wenzell
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The rookie showed the NFL world something on Sunday afternoon. Geno Smith looked poised and in control as he engineered two scoring drives, including a clutch drive in the third quarter that put the New York Jets ahead.

Smith, in what has become a trend for young quarterbacks, did not at all look like a rookie. In a pressure filled environment and game he stayed calm and in the moment as he outclassed the great Tom Brady on his way to a victory in a thrilling victory over the New England Patriots. There was certainly controversy involved in what looked like a questionable penalty call in OT on a missed field goal, but let’s face it; it was finally the Jets’ turn to catch a major break against the Pats.

Smith had his doubters. They said he was lazy, didn’t have a football IQ, and would be nowhere near ready to play in year one. He is slowly but surely proving those doubters wrong as the Jets now sit at 4-3 and only a game out of the division lead due in large part to the play of the rookie quarterback.

Smith may not be wowing anyone with his stats or play, but he has simply been solid across the board. He is limiting his mistakes which plagued him earlier in the season and finding ways to win, which is ultimately the most important stat from a quarterback.

Believe it or not, the Jets are right in the thick of the playoff hunt as the lead in the AFC East is now with in grasp. If Smith continues to improve and Rex Ryan continues to have that stout Jets defense play at a high level we could see the rookie sneak into the playoffs taking down the Patriots in the process.

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