Have Baltimore Ravens Reached a State of Emergency?

By Michael Terrill
Have Baltimore Ravens Reached a State of Emergency
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The Baltimore Ravens lost their second consecutive game and third in four weeks. It is one thing to lose to a playoff contender in the Green Bay Packers. However, to the lowly Pittsburgh Steelers is unacceptable when the division is up for grabs. The Ravens have reached a state of an emergency and there is plenty of reason to be concerned if one finds himself cheering for Baltimore.

“It’s sick, it’s disgusting,” linebacker Terrell Suggs said, according to Ravens.com. “We’re at a state of emergency now. We can’t let any more of these games go by losing by two or losing by three. We’ve got to win these games.”

The severe lack of a run game is absolutely killing the Ravens’ offense this season. Joe Flacco is finding himself in difficult situations where his arm must carry the team. The problem with that is Flacco’s arm is not meant to do any such thing. He is a quarterback that thrives in a system where everything is moving together. He is not an Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Drew Brees type quarterback. He needs the team just as much as they need him.

As far as the embarrassing ground game is concerned, it is something that must be fixed immediately. Ray Rice is a complete non-factor. He is averaging a dismal 2.8 yards per attempt, which is pathetic. The offensive line should be ashamed for the lack of blocking in that area.

Why can Baltimore’s situation be considered a state of emergency?

They allowed the worst running team in the league to rush for 141 yards. Le’Veon Bell was a major factor and that has to be a major concern for the Ravens. If the team’s run defense begins to falter, expect to see a consistent drop in the division standings.

The good news is there is plenty of time to right the ship. More importantly, the Ravens have the right personnel to do it.

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