Indianapolis Colts’ Andrew Luck Picked Perfect Time to Have Stellar Game

By Michael Terrill

It may not be classified as the best game of his career, but Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck could not have picked a more perfect time to have a stellar game.

Luck put all talk to rest about whether the Colts made the right decision to trade one of the greatest signal callers in NFL history to begin a new era at the quarterback position. The fact that he did it with all eyes watching to see how Peyton Manning’s successor would handle an intense situation proves just how lucky Indianapolis is to have Luck as their leader.

Luck’s fantastic performance that saw him throw 228 yards through the air, three passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown is better than the numbers indicate.

He led the Colts to victory against Manning and the mighty Denver Broncos, a team that was undefeated prior to their trip to Indianapolis. Obviously, the storyline everyone wants to talk about is Luck vs. Manning. How the young gun took on the legend and came out unscathed. However, the focus should be on how Luck and the Colts’ defense were able to put forth a combined effort that silenced what many have crowned Super Bowl favorites.

There is no question Manning’s emotions took a toll, but even he will not use that as an excuse. It is just a matter of time until the Colts and Broncos see each other again this season. The good news is Indianapolis has no reason to be scared with Luck at the helm. The fact is if he can overcome an incredibly difficult night such as the one he faced in Week 7, the sky is the limit for him and the team.

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