Indianapolis Colts Notch Huge Win Over Denver Broncos, But Reggie Wayne Loss Alters Season

By Andrew Fisher
Reggie Wayne
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday night in week seven was a huge night for the Indianapolis Colts. The team came out and stood toe-to-toe with the Denver Broncos and in the end, sent them packing back West with a loss. The final score of 39-33 doesn’t really do their victory justice, as the the Colts controlled nearly the entire game. Andrew Luck played mistake free and the Colts got a well-balanced effort from their running and passing games. But the biggest moment in the game had nothing to do with a play on the field.

Late in the fourth quarter, Reggie Wayne tried to come back on a ball that was underthrown by Luck and his right knee gave out. There was no one near him and he ultimately didn’t catch the pass, he just immediately went to the ground clutching his knee. After several minutes the veteran receiver got to his feet and limped off, but right away you just got the sense it wasn’t good.

Wayne was taken to the sidelines and was nearly in tears as he was evaluated by doctors. Initial reports have come out saying that the WR did indeed tear his ACL and that he will of course be lost for the rest of the season. Unless the remaining tests prove the doctors wrong, the Colts will be down their best pass-catcher for the remainder of the year.

To call this a devastating loss, would be a huge understatement. The Colts are good, really good perhaps, but without Wayne their chances of winning the AFC just went down drastically. Everyone else will have to step their game up a notch, but the reality is that it’s just hard to replace a receiver the caliber of Reggie Wayne.


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