Jay Cutler's Injury Will Be Felt By Chicago Bears

By Ryan Wenzell

The loss of Jay Cutler is a big one for the Chicago Bears even if it is just temporary. He was diagnosed with a torn groin muscle and will be out at least four weeks as the Bears will have to go with Josh McCown at quarterback.

McCown came on in relief of Cutler and had himself a solid outing throwing for 200 yards and a touchdown. Keep in mind how lousy of a defense the Bears were going against, though. The Washington Redskins‘ secondary is atrocious, and their defensive unit overall is one of the worst of the league.

When McCown, who hadn’t seen game action in two years until yesterday, goes up against solid defenses it is going to be a problem for the Bears. Brandon Marshall and the Bears’ group of receivers are going to have to adjust big time, and they will undoubtedly see their numbers go down.

The Bears are going to have to rely on their defense and a solid running game to stay alive in the NFC North. Matt Forte will need to be a focus of head coach Marc Trestman‘s game plan.

The defense is also going to have to perform worlds better after yesterday’s embarrassment. Robert Griffin III did whatever he wanted against the Bears as the Skins racked up 45 points and 500 total yards of offense, and the stingy Bears defense we are accustomed to seeing was nowhere to be found.

It will have to be an all hands on deck effort with everyone stepping up their game if the Bears want to stay alive in the NFC North.

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