Jim Irsay Should Retire From Twitter After Only Giving Fans One Decent Tweet

By Andrew Fisher
Jim Irsay
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Irsay ruffled a lot of feathers last week with his comments on Peyton Manning. He came across as ungrateful, saying that he was disappointed that the Indianapolis Colts only won one Super Bowl during the Manning era. Many people like myself figured that Peyton would shred the Colts on his way to another victory Sunday night, but Indy played well and knocked off the Denver Broncos.

Andrew Luck is getting a lot of the credit for the big victory, but it was clearly a well-rounded team win. Luck did his part, but so did the Indy defense and special teams. In the end, they pulled off the upset in fairly convincing fashion.

Irsay could have just kept quiet and let the victory speak for itself, but that’s not how he rolls. The Colts’ owner took to Twitter early Monday morning to talk himself up and to take a couple more shots in the process. This time he targeted the ‘naysayers’ who were firing criticism his way last week:


So after making a fool of himself last week, did he really think these comments were a good idea? I have a hard time believing the Colts were fired up because people were calling out their loud-mouth owner. These tweets just make more him look even more childish. He should have just tweeted: na-na na-na boo-boo, and saved himself some time.

Irsay needs to get over himself and do us all a favor by deleting his Twitter account. It would be great if he just never spoke again, but that seems unrealistic, given his track record. Irsay is 54-year old football team owner, it’s time he starts acting like one. Nobody outside of Indy gives a rip about what this clown thinks or says. However, his ego doesn’t allow him to come to that realization.


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