Joe Flacco Is Not To Blame For Baltimore Ravens' Loss To Pittsburgh Steelers

By Dan Abeshouse
Joe Flacco
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I’m not sure how many people believe that Joe Flacco should be blamed for the Baltimore Ravens‘ 19-16 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, but apparently some people do. After the game I was commiserating while listening to the local Baltimore radio (105.7 The Fan) when one caller blamed Flacco and coach John Harbaugh for the loss. I can understand blaming Harbaugh, a lot of questionable decisions were made, but Flacco? I know this was just one man’s opinion, but I’m sure there are many others that share that same opinion.

Personally I thought Flacco played a really good game at Heinz Field. His final stat line was 24-of-34, 215 yards, one TD, 14 yards rushing. As far as I saw Flacco missed one pass, and it was a big one. Early in the third quarter Jacoby Jones was wide open for a sure touchdown, but an underthrown ball caused Jones to have to come back allowing Steelers cornerback William Gay enough time to recover and defend the pass. Jones should get a little of the blame on that play for not attempting to jump for the ball, but he has a bad habit of making catches against his body and not with his hands. Still, for the most part that one was on Joe; he should have hit Jones in stride.

Once again the Ravens had very little production from their running game, with 86 yards total (14 by Flacco). You want to blame someone? Blame the lack of a running game. As for me I put most of the blame on the run defense. Allowing 141 yards rushing to the 31st ranked rush offense is unacceptable. Not being able to stop the run led to a lot of long drives for the Steelers (nine plays per drive average). The Ravens only had seven possessions, scoring on four. Flacco had a B+ performance when an A performance was needed, plain and simple. The bye week couldn’t have come at a better time for this squad.

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