Kansas City Chiefs May Have the Perfect Team to Win AFC

By Jay Cullen
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s be honest for a second. To win the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs will likely need to beat the Denver Broncos. So, the Chiefs’ 7-0 start means nothing if they cannot win that game. They might actually have the perfect team to do just that though.

The Chiefs will almost certainly play the Broncos in the playoffs. Likely, one of these two teams will get the no. 1 seed, with the other getting the Wild Card as the fifth seed. That means that in all likelihood, the teams will meet in the next week. There is a chance of that order getting muddled, but as of right now, the Broncos and Chiefs both look like the best teams in the AFC and will thus find a way to meet.

When they do, the Chiefs will be ready. The Chiefs won on Sunday as they have all season: with their outside linebackers leading the way. Justin Houston has often been the force, but today it was Tamba Hali, who had 2.5 sacks and a big play to seal the victory.

This style of victory is the perfect way to beat the Broncos as the Indianapolis Colts showed today. By getting to Peyton Manning quickly, they slowed down the whole offense. No team can match up across the board and let Manning throw, but some teams will get to him fast enough to slow his rhythm down. The Chiefs are the best at exactly that.

On offense, the Chiefs are also well-constructed to slow down Manning. Alex Smith is a good third-down quarterback who can sustain long drives. Jamaal Charles’ running also helps the Chiefs keep the ball away from opposing offenses, which is very important against top offenses.

Not only are the Chiefs 7-0, but they have the perfect team to match up with their biggest concern going forward. It might be time to say that the Chiefs are the favorites to win the AFC.

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