New York Jets' Secondary Biggest Reason For Win

By Stephen Conway
Antonio Allen
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

What was sometimes referred to as the weakest link on the New York Jets defense at points, the secondary really stepped up yesterday against the New England Patriots, specifically Antonio Allen and Antonio Cromartie.

Allen was assigned the tough task of covering Patriot tight end Rob Gronkowski, and while “Gronk” had eight catches for 114 yards, he caught less than half of the balls thrown his way, one of them being picked off by Allen and returned for a touchdown in crucial point in the game.

Allen, who was undermatched from the size aspect dramatically, was able to pester Gronkowski enough to allow him from becoming a major impact in the game. Allen received high praise from the coaches and his fellow teammates, making adjustments throughout the game in order to better prepare himself for the rest of the game.

Cromartie, who this past week gave himself of a grade of C, for his performance thus far, came out on a mission and completely shut down Kembrell Thompkins, a player who quarterback Tom Brady has been throwing to much of late and a player who has torched defenses this season. Cromartie showed signs of Darrelle Revis — you never heard Cromartie’s name come up in the game, and you never heard Thompkins’ name come up in the game, and that means that “Cro” did an exceptional job.

Yes, Chris Ivory played his butt off, rushing for career highs. Yes, Geno Smith played great and was a key part in the win. Yes, Nick Folk, or “folk hero”, hit yet a game-winning field goal and yes, the defensive line played exceptionally well. However, when you’re playing Brady, the secondary needs to step up and they certainly did. This is why they were the biggest reason for the win.

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