Peyton Manning Outgunned By Andrew Luck As Denver Broncos Fall to Indianapolis Colts

By Ryan Wenzell

Peyton Manning tried all he could to muster up his vintage fourth-quarter magic. It wasn’t enough. The Denver Broncos cut a double-digit fourth quarter deficit in half, but Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts held on in what was a thrilling match up that lived up to the hype.

The Manning vs. Luck duel was one to remember. For as great as Manning is, this was Luck’s coming out party. He showed it all: a cannon of an arm, his dynamic running ability, his uncanny football IQ and ability to thrive under pressure.

This second-year quarterback is on another level. The Colts have seamlessly transitioned from one franchise quarterback to another. For all of the hate Jim Irsay has received, he has assembled a heck of a scouting and coaching staff including GM Ryan Grigson, who remade this team built around Luck.

For a while, Manning looked to be in the midst of another one of his magical fourth-quarter comebacks. Turnovers and costly penalties really hindered he and the Broncos’ chances to complete the huge comeback late.

For now, Luck has replaced Manning as the Colts’ star quarterback. The moment before the game when Manning and the Colts faithful graced one another was one of the cool moments in sports history. Regardless of all the pregame storylines, this was a game to remember for what happened on the football field: the old vs. the new. This time, the kid came out on top.

We can look forward to wars between those two quarterbacks for years to come.

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