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Should Chicago Bears Take A Gamble On Tim Tebow?

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After confirming the devastating news that Jay Cutler will be out for at least four weeks with a torn groin muscle, the Chicago Bears are now left with a huge question mark at the quarterback position as the schedule goes into the mid-part of the season.

Cutler won’t be returning to the field for a month, and when he does it’s unclear whether he will be at the top form he was this season. Torn groin muscles are serious injuries, and a player can easily get hurt again if the recovery process is rushed.

For what it’s worth, Josh McCown was solid Sunday replacing Cutler as he went 14-for-20 and didn’t commit a turnover. It’s clear, however, that the Bears can’t land their offensive hopes on his shoulders while their starter is recovering.

What should they do then? There aren’t many good signal callers available, and due to the Bears’ situation in the standings, they need to replace Cutler with a solid, proven player. Out of all the ones in the market, it’s inevitable to ask whether they would make a push to sign Tim Tebow.

Tebow is not considered an elite quarterback, let alone a good one capable of starting on any team. But he also has experience being a starter, he has (limited) playoff experience and he could be more than serviceable as he’s an average passer and a good runner who could make one or two plays rushing the ball.

It’s unclear how the Bears are going to manage Cutler’s situation, but one thing is certain; a one-year deal of Tebow could end up being a bargain if he’s able to succeed. They don’t lose anything as they still have McCown ready to play if the Tebow experiment doesn’t pan out.

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