Storm Clouds Surround The Cleveland Browns

By Dick Primo
Rob Chudzinski
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

I couldn’t do it. It’s my responsibility to do it, but I just couldn’t. On Sunday, I couldn’t watch any longer. I know that some would question just how much of a fan am I of the Cleveland Browns. I can answer that: not enough to watch that. I question if I will next week either. I know some would call me fair-weathered for that. I’m telling them that I would be able to watch them if I was a fair-weather fan. I wouldn’t care about what they’re doing as a franchise.

If I were a fair-weather fan, it wouldn’t feel horrible to watch the defense, which had been so stellar, look like players from years past that could hit, but couldn’t tackle. Suddenly the pass rush has disappeared. Suddenly running backs are finding ways to take the ball downfield. Buster Skrine is still a starting cornerback and quarterbacks are still throwing his way. This 3-4 defense looks like last year’s 4-3 defense.

If I were a fair-weather fan, it wouldn’t have been so frustrating to watch Brandon Weeden overthrow receivers like he did on Sunday. Where were those first two passes he threw going? I mean, how can he be that bad? He’s worse than he was in Pat Shurmur‘s offense! Remember how we blamed it all on the West Coast? How Weeden didn’t throw enough out of the shotgun? He was better! On Sunday, as I watched Rob Chudzinski run him out there possession after possession, and I had to turn it off. They’re not trying; I’m not watching.

Weeden is done with this team. They’ll get nothing for him, and they’ll be forced to release him. He’ll play somewhere else, just as the quarterbacks who came before him did. I mean, even Charlie Frye had a suitor. The fans know it, the media knows it, the team knows it and he knows it. It’s over. I think leaving him out there does nobody any good.

If Jason Campbell starts and produces the same results — which is what I would expect — the fans can just throw their hands up on the season and move on. As long as he’s under center, they’ll have a reason to focus on the anger. But I bet they throw him back out there against the Kansas City Chiefs.

So, yes, I turned off the game on Sunday in just the first quarter. I may do the same next week, if Weeden is the quarterback. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong or fair-weathered about that. If team management doesn’t care, why should I? If they can give up on 2013, why can’t I?

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